How Digital Printing Can Help You Publish

In the new world of digital media, one of the most efficient ways to get the word out when needing to convey a message is through the use of digital printing services. For those wishing to spread the word on a variety of topics, interests or causes, digital media is an excellent way to rapidly distribute high quality items to large amounts of audiences.

There are a number of benefits to the use of online printing services including speed of production, quality of product, lowered expenses and variety. Consumers will find multiple companies offering online printing services in many areas allowing for price comparisons to find the lowest expenses possible. This can be especially helpful if producing large quantities of items for distribution.

Products and their usage will be determined by the particular project but may include some of the following items:

Vinyl Banners

When using digital media in an outdoor environment, a vinyl banner is the ideal option. Digital media is commonly printed on a heavy weight material such PVC in order to endure outdoor conditions and adverse weather. A quality digital banner can often last as long as 5 years. Several printing options for vinyl banners exist depending on customer preference and usage:

•    Digitally printed banners are produced using water-based inks and are generated with the intentions of long-last quality images.

•    Vinyl Lettered banners are generated when individual elements are pieced together using a vinyl cutter

•    Hand-painted graphics, as well as letter are rare in today’s digital media world but add a hint of uniqueness to vinyl items

•    Screen-printed banners are created using different colors laid out individually into the project one color at a time

Vinyl productions are popular among schools when promoting a team, school lettering and logos or events. In addition, companies use vinyl productions for a number of products including promotion of company logos, events and advertising. Vinyl projects may include productions of numerous sizes from billboards to banners and even street banners during events such as marches.

Online Productions for Project Uses

As more advanced programs have been brought to the world of digital media, the number of high-quality projects aviable for use has increased significantly. Businesses, focus or interest groups, schools, clubs and even political campaigns make use of the plethora of projects that can be completed using online printing services. Companies offer the following project types:

•    Projects to inform or advertise that allow for customer designs, graphics and multiple wording including; flyers, booklets, brochures and newsletters

•    Promotion items such as mugs, calendars, decals, t-shirts, mouse pads, mugs and water bottles can be used for a variety of projects intended to spread news, fund causes and advertise to the general public. Other promotion items useful daily to those the customer wishes to reach would include items such as calendars, stickers/labels, hang tags and the very popular magnets.

•    Additional tools produced through online printing services can include menus, business cards, envelopes and even tables tents.

One such cause that makes use of multiple projects in digital printing is political campaigns. Digital printing can produce massive amounts of high-quality political signs which can be found in a number of places during a campaign from private homesteads to public streets. In addition, many political advocates may elect multiple digital projects including promotional items such as mugs and decals, business cards and table tents for events. Mass production of such items as brochures is another useful tool in spreading the word concerning political agendas and party intentions if elected to office.

How Effective are Vinyl Banners?

bannersYou can significantly increase your business traffic with the help of vinyl banners. If you feel that you need to shake up your business a bit or if you’re starting a new business, you will need to use the most effective advertising tools. While most people do not think of vinyl banners as there first option, they are often surprised by the results they get after they use one. Advertising in a professional and sophisticated manner will surely attract more people to your business.

Using a colored vinyl banner will make a major difference to the image of your company, and you can easily answer some of the basic and frequently asked questions through these banners.

Options to Choose From
There are many options to select from while preparing the design and material for your vinyl signs and banners. These options include sewing, sizing, wording and grommets.
While ordering a vinyl banner you could completely customize the design. You will not be required to select from a few set designs or templates, instead you could add or change anything you want on the banner. This way you will be totally happy and satisfied by the way it looks, and will not have any regrets or disappointments.

Increase sales with Vinyl Banners
With the help of vinyl banners you will be able to significantly increase the popularity of your services or products and maximize sales.Custom vinyl banners can improve the appearance of your business, attract customers and offer condensed information to your target audience.

Using a vinyl banner, you will be able to reach out to a wide range of audience. An excellent poster stand can make a huge difference. Passerby’s will stop and go through the information that you display on your banner. If the information you share was helpful to the reader, then you will most likely close another deal.

Effortless advertising with Vinyl Banners
Using vinyl banner you will be able to easily impart the benefits of the product or service you are selling. You will not be required to offer a lengthy pitch to a potential customer who has already gone through your vinyl banner, and it is always easy to close a deal with someone who already knows about the benefits you offer. This also saves your time that you might have otherwise spent on someone who would be inquiring without any intention to buy.

To get started with a vinyl banner for your business, please click on this link

Billboard Signs: You Can’t Help but Look!

billboardsJust how effective are billboard signs? Next time you’re walking or driving down a street with a few billboard signs try to catch yourself looking – we guarantee you are!

The use of signs for marketing and advertising has been in existence for centuries. Even in Ancient Rome signs were used for political purposes or to simply make any sort of statement. It’s safe to say that billboard signs today in the 21st century are not going anywhere soon. So, when it comes to your advertising or marketing needs, having a wonderfully designed billboard sign is simply the right choice.

Should you Use Billboard Signs for Marketing?
The short and sweet answer is simply yes. But, what are the reasons why a company or business chooses to advertise outside and on billboard signs? There are actually a few specific reasons, so let’s take a quick look:

New Revolution: Thanks to computers, and much advancement in printing processing, these days making outdoor signs or billboard signs are worth looking at. Beautiful ads or signs are highly effective. As stated early on in this blog – people just can’t help but look. Because of the advancements in printing, an incredible image will not lose any quality when being transferred to something much bigger.

Positioning: Billboard sign advertising is considered one of the best methods of outdoor advertising for several reasons. One such method involves positioning your advert.  By positioning your ads in places you know has heavy traffic, you are bound to get consumer attention.

The billboard creation process, thanks to the aforementioned advancements in technology, has obviously sped up significantly. Design Print can handle your billboard sign in a timely fashion, getting it to you exactly when you need it. These days specific companies or even small businesses don’t need to scramble during high seasons (like Christmas for example) to get their sign marketing done.

Back to the beginning and our big question: Just how effective are billboard signs?

Answer: Billboard advertising is a massive industry for one reason only – it really works. If you want to advertise your latest product or get a meaningful message out, then the key to grabbing as much attention as possible is in a creative billboard sign, positioned in the best possible place.

Are Political Yard Signs Effective?

political_signsWe see them everywhere, at the very least twice a year. Political signs, in almost every direction. Whether it’s on gigantic billboards or political yard signs, politicians the world over running for office still use one of the oldest tricks in the book.

The power of advertising is amazing. In many cases we still hold on to some of the old methods, while the World Wide Web has brought us many new methods. But the question we are asking today is; are political yard signs still as effective as they used to be?

The answer isn’t as convoluted as many make it out to be. The fact of the matter is political yard signs are still, and even more so effective than they used to be. Just have a look around, come the next election for proof! Political yard signs are not just for shameless promotion of a particular political figure. It’s a statement made by the homeowner – a way to clearly show their support for their favorite candidate.

However, many experts believe that political yard signs, only work in certain races. For example, in the last big election, Obama vs. Romney, many Americans already had their minds made up about who they intended to vote for. Besides, an election of that magnitude deserves more TV action than anywhere else. But, let’s not forget about the smaller races, when deciding on whether or not yard signs have an effect.

Smaller races include candidates running for city council, school boards, and the Sheriff just to name a few. In these races, many voters have no idea that the candidates are, let alone their names. In this situation, political signs strewn across the front lawn, can have a huge impact on the voters, and can honestly swing the vote. This is referred to as the “mere exposure effect” – which basically means, the more people that become familiar with something, the more they tend to like it.

With that being said, many of you no doubt hear the complaints pouring in during election time. Many find political signs annoying, an eye sore, almost like proverbial crap on everyone’s front lawn. After all, our lawn (especially when they are beautifully green) is the face of our yards.

But the fact remains, for the candidates running in any type of election – political yard signs work, and work very well.

Get the Best Banners Created – They Will Matter

BannerA lot of times, sometimes due to paucity of time and other times due to lack of interest, many commercial enterprise owners neglect or do not fully participate in the creation of banners and generally leave it to the experts. Although, in a way it is right that business owners shouldn’t be participating much in banner creation and let the experts do their job but still, one cant be completely aloof from the process and expect the banner creators to make changes in the final product (which is not very professional or right).

Now the importance of a vinyl banner, a political sign, commercial signs, billboards, etc. cant be emphasized enough. For business owners these are investments not indulgences. These signage matter because they are marketing and advertisement tools. These are what will ensure brand recall, brand connect, brand interaction and eventually more leads for the business or the enterprise. Thus, business owners must be actively involved so that they can get the banners which best reflect their company’s niche, their accepted themes and of course the message that is to be conveyed through banners, political signs or any other commercial signage.

As a banner creating expert, they would follow your lead and build on your idea but you as another professional should be granting them enough freedom to play with the aesthetics and be involved as much that it doesn’t smother their creativity. The point is that mutual co-operation between business owners and banner creators should become a circumstance where one is dominating the other. This is because this will not result in the desired execution of your idea I.e may not result in the banner that you would like to see representing your brand or business.

So as a business owner, be involved, give active input but also listen to what the expert is saying. Give your idea and let them make it a reality using their knowledge. As it is, it is only the expert who can suggest you what kind of a material will be useful and what kind of graphics must be created.

Like for any other idea to see the light of day, support and encouragement is required, so it is for creating the banners you want.

Floor Graphics to Floor Your Target Market

Floor GraphicsWe all know how important walk ins and pedestrian traffic is for a business and if you can tap this traffic and capture their attention, you will definitely see a spike in your sales and profit. So if you have tried banners, billboards, table throws and all other conventional media of marketing, then now is the time for something unique and attention-grabbing to take place. Behold, the ever-capturing – Floor Graphics!

Floor graphics are images printed on the floors. For marketing and promoting purposes these images are usually brand logos, offers and other business related graphical representation. All printing providers including ours provide these floor graphics to businesses in different fields. Want to know more before you take a decision on getting one? Then visit: and get ready to decorate your flooring with the best in class floor graphics.

We at take special care about the quality of the cement vinyl we use to make your floor graphics even better. So that the print doesn’t come off during walk ins or pedestrian traffic and you continue to receive great admiration for your cement or concrete floor graphic after a long time as well. And if you are still wondering as to why should you use a floor graphic, then read below and you would be more than ready to ask for a quote on floor graphics:

1)    It’s durable, trendy and very eye-catching.
2)    It’s a different way to connect to customers and clients apart from banners and bill boards which everybody uses.
3)    It can directly increase footfall.
4)    It can literally stop people in their paths and acknowledge your brand name uniquely. Most of the people remember and should remember memories and the way you engage them. And only that you will be able to thrive.

Be very careful in choosing the right kind of design for floor graphics.

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Make Promotion & Marketing more Impacting with Banner Stands

Banner StandWe all need marketing material for promotions and making our brand visible. However, more than marketing you need to choose the right kind of marketing material to put your message across. This means that you need to also include the medium of marketing as a crucial step of your marketing strategy.

If you are organizing an event which will be outdoors or part of another bigger event than banner stands would be great! But if you simply need a board or a simpler commercial sign than a vinyl banner would do. Brand owners need to carefully choose the marketing material before they finalize on a marketing strategy. For each kind of marketing event and purpose there’s a unique marketing medium that is needed and banner stands are great to market to a bigger audience, in a business fair or an event which is outdoor.

Banner stands are not just a great choice but a durable one too! They are weather resistant and come with different types of frames to hold them up for longer times. They can be easily assembled and can have sustainable graphics to give your brand the visibility that it deserves. The X-frame banner stands available at are a great example of superior standard banner stands. These are lightweight and come with soft carrying cases to keep them protected and guarded against any kind of danger during transfer or transit. Moreover, the banner stands can be easily assembled.

Banner stands are used quite commonly and in fact are preferred over other marketing materials as they   are bigger than the rest and hence ensure more visibility for the brand. Also, banner stands are an essential for many kinds of promotional and marketing events. These are reasonably priced and hence can be bought in more quantity.

To view banner stands by, visit: and let us know if you are up for a mind-blowing banner stand for your brand!

Table Throws – Spread it on & Market

Table ThrowsTable throws not only look good but are a great way to market to your consumers. They are absolutely essential marketing tools for trade shows booths, businesses presentations, in-house displays, displays at other retail conferences, registration tables and so many other places. If there’s a table at a promotional event, then you got to get a table throw, period!

Now you may wonder that why are table throws so greatly emphasized when you have other kind of marketing material as well such as banners, billboard signs, and other signage which are a preferred marketing graphics for many. Then why must a business invest in table throws when already there is purchase of banners and all. Well one of the first rule of marketing is that there’s never too much of brand recall and table throws are what will ensure that your target market doesn’t forget about your brand at the time of say registration or seeking information when their eyes are totally off the grid from banners and other bigger signage.

Table throws then act as secondary but equally important brand recall agents and are considered one of the most important commercial signage to have as part of a foolproof marketing strategy. Table throws not only solve the purpose of branding and marketing but make amazing table spreads for businesses taking part in conferences and promotional events.

For more information on what kind of table throw to get, you can visit: and get a quote from us. We assure you that the table cloth you will receive will not only be a direct reflective of your businesses but also superior in quality, wrinkle-free and elegantly designed with enough leverage for brand recall.

So carry on with the best of the marketing materials from and become an indispensable agent of marketing for businesses.

Poplin Backdrops Make Great Commercial Signage & Of-Course Backdrops!

Wrinkle-free poplin backdrops are a great way to make any indoor or outdoor signage come to life! With a superior quality wrinkle-free poplin fabric, bright color residue, enhanced images, you can’t go wrong with a wrinkle-free poplin backdrop! With the use of poplin canvas, your poplin backdrops simply can’t be wrong.

Poplin backdrops can be used for a variety of purposes – from theaters, TV to movie backdrops, trade show roll up banners, photographic banners, red carpet events, special event backdrops, POP displays, soft image displays and others. These are a favorite for high-end promotional events where larger and bigger backdrops are needed. And with the professional designing and graphic detail, poplin backdrop will not go without being noticed.

Poplin backdrops have been used for sometime now for the obvious reasons, given below:

1) Durable and can support form simple to complex graphic design.
2) These are non-glare.
3) These are weather resistant and puncture resistant.
4) Can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.
5) Poplin fabric is most of the times wrinkle free. We at ensure that each and every poplin backdrop is wrinkle free.
6) Wrinkle free poplin backdrops are flame resistant as well.
7) These are also averse to fungal infestations and will not be spoiled due to changes in weather or atmosphere.

To know more about wrinkle-free poplin backdrops, read at:

Why not get in touch with us and request a quote for a wrinkle free poplin fabric? We will print the design you choose and in the way you want it to be. We assure you the superior standard and quality of our wrinkle-free poplin backdrop and guarantee a smile on your face when you receive the order.

Contact us immediately for a beautiful poplin backdrop for a promotional event or a simple upscaling of your commercial space.

Thinking Vinyl Banners? Find here more than One Reason to Say Yes!

We all know that business promotions and advertising needs banners but which kind to choose from always baffles the business owners. Business owners need to know that one of the most cost-effective and great option that they have is the vinyl banners. Whether you need a banner for a particular event or to use a banner as a permanent outdoor signage, vinyl banners will float your boat perfectly.

Now we won’t just say it but tell you why vinyl banners are such a great option:

1)    They are flame resistant and hence can be used at carnival and fetes as well where there may be a danger of a fire breaking out or at a business show where there may electrical and fire-related machines.
2)    One of the biggest advantages of vinyl banners is that they can be both matte or with a gloss finish. Depending on the kind of event you are buying a vinyl banner for or the kind of finish you want or will suit the graphic design you have chosen, a vinyl banner can look like the way you want it to look.
3)    What’s more? Vinyl banners are durable and can stand variations in weather and atmosphere as well. Vinyl along with PVC coating provides enough mechanical stability and elasticity to the vinyl banners to make them last longer than you would expect.
4)    Plus it will not tear, fade or puncture unless you are in a highly destructive zone. The durability of vinyl banners is fairly high and it is resistant to most of the depleting forces. So be tension free if you are buying a vinyl banner. Fungus will also not make vinyl banners its breeding ground.
5)    The choice of colors in vinyl banners is limitless! You can have choice in the background you want to keep as well.
6)    Any kind of graphic can go well on a vinyl banner so don’t think the choice of material will limit your choice of graphics.

Oh yes, they are cost effective too! :)

So if you are convinced then visit us at for a quote on vinyl banners if not, then read above (again) :)